How to choose the right Groundwater Sampler?

There is no way you can check the water quality in the well or impoundment without sampling it. Sampling is a key element of water monitoring activities, it helps to reveal the presence of various biological and chemical contaminants. With a private small tank you can make it work with a bailer, but in most situations, they are not enough. The low flow water sampling pumps are the necessary tools for those who want to keep the constant track of the water parameters.

Low flow means that these pumps intake very low volume of water in a minute. They work slowly, but this is their beneficial characteristics. Such method of operation allows taking the water for sampling from the particular layer of the waterbody. If it concerns the well in a ground, the volumes of the pumped out and incremented water would be equal. Thus, low flow devices do not mix the liquid in the reservoir, and you can make the analysis of the water on every level of a borehole. Moreover, the debris from the walls and bottom of the well will not get into the 12V pump intake.

In the Envieq Store, you can find a good choice of sampling solutions for all needs and wallets:

  • 12V, 2 inches plastic water sampling pumps;
  • 2 inches steel water sampling pumps;
  • bladder pumps for sampling;
  • 12V peristaltic water sampling pumps.

All models are the effective means to control the water constitution in a well or tank and take measures on its remediation.

What is the difference?Geotech Geopump Series Right

The American company Proactive Environmental Products represents two variants of 12-volt water sampling pumps — plastic and steel low flow pumps. They have the same diameter, 2 inches, and even the same names of the model range: hurricane, abyss, monsoon, typhoon, etc. The models differ in the depth they can work on. All of them are powered by a 12V battery. While plastic tools are good only for water, the steel ones are designed to work with hazardous matters, they are equipped with the reel and the guide for the cable to minimize the risk of its damage. Both variants can work up to 400 hours and do not heat up, they are resistant to turbidity and hostile environment.

Bladder Pump Kit

We also have the model MP1 produces by Grundfos, this device does the same work but needs the 220V energy source.

The bladder pumps in Envieq Store are represented by the famous manufacturer from Colorado, USA. Geotech brand produces durable and reliable environmental equipment. The construction of a bladder pump includes the rigid housing where the flexible tube is placed, which is actually a bladder. The air pressure squeezes the bladder and then releases it, the hydrostatic pressure draws the water in. With the help of the special check valves it does not flow back, so the cycle repeats over and over, pumping the water into the sampling container. This way, the water from the well does not contact the ambient air, which provides the high accuracy of the analysis. We offer you the models in three configurations: 0.65, 0.85 and 1.66 inches. The controller and air compressor go in the package.

Peristaltic pumps are employed in the situations when there should not be any contact of the pump mechanisms and water. The liquid is enclosed in the single-use squeezable tube, which is being pinched by the special rotors that move the fluids inside the tube. It only sounds complicated, in practice, the peristaltic pumps are easy to operate and they provide the continuous monitoring of the water quality. In Envieq Store you can buy the peristaltic pumps produced by Geotech and Solinst brands.

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